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Game Changer

First in California to acquire new lifesaving tech

In a groundbreaking stride toward defeating liver tumors, Providence Mission Hospital has become the first hospital in California to acquire the HistoSonics Edison® System. Thanks to donor support, the hospital has begun performing histotripsy, a noninvasive treatment that collapses liver tumors without making an incision.

“Histotripsy uses focused sonic beams created by ultrasound waves to target cancer cells,” says Kevin Burns, M.D., chief of interventional radiology. “The process creates tiny bubble clouds that expand and collapse rapidly, dissolving the tumor and destroying its cells while avoiding nontargeted healthy tissue. This revolutionary treatment is changing the game for how we treat patients.”

Histotripsy is a safe and effective addition to treatments currently available for liver tumors, which include radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. “We’re very excited to integrate this new technology into our toolbox,” says Ahmad Abou Abbass, M.D., director of hepatobiliary surgery. “It’s precise, has minimal side effects and reduces recovery time. It brings new hope to patients who cannot tolerate surgery or for whom radiation and chemotherapy are not viable options.”

Power of philanthropy

The acquisition of the HistoSonics Edison® System underscores the vital role of philanthropy in driving innovation. Our community empowers us to pioneer breakthrough treatments by investing in advanced technologies.

“By supporting us in acquiring this technology, completely funded by philanthropy, our donors are helping us save the lives of patients with inoperable liver tumors,” says Seth R. Teigen, chief executive, Providence Mission Hospital.

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